Protection with a Twist!

DISCLAIMER: Apparently ya girl was just introduced to snapchat filters… So please forgive her for the lack of good ol’ plain photos and just try to enjoy an animal filter or two along the way!

So we’ve already covered box braids as the go-to classic for anyone wanting a protective style, but maybe classic isn’t the look you’re going for.

Should you want a fresh take on our trusty low-maintenance ‘do, Senegalese twists make a great alternative.

Senegalese twists differ from box braids in that they are created using a two-strand twisting method (rather than a three-strand braiding method) to create what looks like rope twists.

But beyond appearance, why else might you want to consider this style?

Why Senegalese?

  1. Twisting is faster than braiding. Because Senegalese twists use only two strands as opposed to three, you my friend, are in for a faster install (and even quicker take down)… That means less numb bum for you!
  2. And because less hair is being used, the style is more lightweight (yay neck).
  3. AND less weight = less stress on your strands (so opt for this if your hair is on the more fragile side).

Good stuff, right?

I think so, but as with much in life, these benefits come with trade-offs. Because of their less structured nature, Senegalese twists require a bit more touch-up and overall maintenance than would box braids to remain neat.

And for that very same reason, they tend to be survived by their braided counterpart.

However, I would not let that deter you from giving this protective style a shot.

Personally, I loved the look and feel of my twists (as if it weren’t obvious enough in the puppy photo above). The lightweight feel and easy removal of my twists were huge pluses in my book.

That being said, I recommend evaluating your lifestyle (and hair needs) to determine which might work best for you.

If you’re ready to research and weigh your options, check out my post on box braids to get you started, and let me know down below which protective style you prefer!



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