Girls with Curls: Freddie Pt. 1

Every curl has a story.

Discover that of Freddie’s and what inspired her to become a naturalista.

So let’s share my story about why I went natural. I went natural about four years ago because my hormones were starting to act up when I had a relaxer. I would sweat constantly both during the day and during the night when I slept. The excessive sweating would cause my bone straight hair to automatically curl and wave back up regardless of whether I had just gotten a relaxer six weeks ago or the week before!!!

Along with that, I was always a person who loved to color my hair, so it wasn’t unusual for me to always have some sort of color in my hair. Between the chemicals used for both my color and relaxer, I was burning my hair off. Plus, my hair was never that thick to begin with, so I figured I might as well go natural!

And just like that, I did. Doing the big chop wasn’t a problem for me, so after cutting all my hair off, I simply worked from there.  The products that I used when I did big chop were quite simple. My go-to product was the Cantu leave-in repair conditioner. I didn’t use anything else no special type of shampoo or conditioner – just normal, over-the-counter products and my jar of Cantu.

But despite my willingness to become natural, having natural hair didn’t turn out to be what I thought. I honestly thought it was going to be the easiest thing in the world in terms of maintenance because hey, it’s natural and free of chemicals, so it shouldn’t require much maintenance, right? Wrong.

There so many products we are bombarded with that are designed to everything from keep your hair strong, to y’know, make your hair bouncy, to just making it look a certain way you wanted it to… and it’s just not what I thought it was going to be I guess.

Look for Part 2 of Freddie’s journey to learn her concluding thoughts about having become natural.


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