3 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself About Recommended Products


Let’s be honest… Everybody loves a good recommendation, but just because a certain product works well for me doesn’t mean it’ll necessarily work well for you…

No, that doesn’t mean all recommendations are useless, but you might want to consider the following next time you hear one…

  1. What does my hair actually need?

I realize how tempting it is to buy a product just because everyone’s talking about it or your favorite YouTuber crowned it her Holy Grail, but before you jump on that hype train, stop and ask yourself what it is that you’re truly looking for. Not to say that this potentially amazing product doesn’t work for everyone who has been raving about it, but how do you know it works for you?

Don’t fall into the product junkie trap that leaves your bathroom looking like the hair aisle at Target. Take some time to assess your hair concerns. Maybe you ran out of conditioner or the one you have isn’t treating your hair needs… That has nothing to do with the life-changing gel BeautyBlogger59 raved about on Instagram. Maybe you see how amazing this leave-in conditioner worked on PrettySally78’s high porosity 3c curls, but you know you have a low porosity 4c crown of kinks… In other words: Keep it moving naturalista.

  1. Do I care about what my product is made of?

If you’re like me, then you’re that one oddball at the store that stands in the aisle and takes the time to read every ingredient of every label of every product. Now I’m not suggesting that everyone should do the same (trust me, it takes forever), but the reality is, what goes into my products is very important to me.

That being said, consider what’s important to you. You might care less about how natural or organic your product is as long as it gets the job done, but if on the other hand, things like parabens, “cones” (y’know – dimethicone, cyclomethicone, amodimethicone… the whole silicone bunch), and drying alcohols scare you… then keep that in mind when looking for recommendations.

  1. What is my price point?

Unfortunately, not all of us have high-end beauty budgets, but that’s okay because price and quality don’t always go hand in hand. No matter the case, always remember to keep your budget in mind when seeking recommendations and do what works best for you. Just because a product is more expensive doesn’t always mean it’s better so don’t be afraid to explore your options.



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