Girls with Curls: Freddie Pt. 2

Every curl has a story.

Continue learning about Freddie’s journey as she shares what inspired her to become a naturalista and how she feels no longer being relaxed.

If you missed Part 1, check it out here!

When I had a relaxer, I got my hair done and it was good to go. I’d put some oil sheen on it and call it a day; I didn’t have any issues. But with natural hair, I feel like there’s more to it It needs more attention. It’s all about not damaging it this way and not doing something another way, and doing something else this way and that way… which is great I guess, but it’s a lot of work.

I guess I just like the simplicity of having relaxed hair  wrapping it up at night and in the morning just having to shake it out and go about my day. Truthfully, if I had a guarantee that my hair would remain straight at this point, I’d probably go back to a relaxer LOL, but I don’t think my hormones would allow that, so I stick with the natural hair because I can do a simple wash-and-go and be done with it.

I’m not big into protective styles because my scalp is sensitive and doesn’t like a lot a weight added. My scalp itches and feels uncomfortable when I try to wear weaves, wigs, or even braids although I like the look of them. Unfortunately, I can’t keep any of those things in for longer than a few weeks, so it always turns out to be a waste of money for me.

I have yet to try a Brazilian Blowout, but I hear you can have the best of both worlds straight hair that reverts back to its naturally curly pattern! Hopefully one day I’ll get the guts to try that and see how that works out for me. Who knows? Maybe I might find my happy medium…



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