Girls with Curls: Karla

Every curl has a story.

Discover that of Karla’s and how she nourishes her crown of curls from day to day.

I like to cleanse and condition my hair using Garnier Fructis products. I wash my hair every day in order to be able to manage it. I like to explore different types of shampoo that cater to different hair needs such as dryness, damaged repair, etc., and I usually try to switch it up with each purchase so that my hair doesn’t get used to the same product.

After I shampoo, I rinse thoroughly and apply my conditioner. I like to finger-detangle my hair before rinsing out my conditioner for extra slip. During the whole process, I try not to use hot water because I feel that it damages my hair and makes it more susceptible to thinning and breakage. Instead, I aim to use warm/cool water.

Once I am done, I towel-dry before putting in a leave-in conditioner (from Garnier) that helps smooth my hair and makes it more manageable. I try not to comb my hair, instead using my hands to distribute the product and further detangle my hair.

After I spread the leave-in conditioner throughout my hair, I use gel, (only when I want to wear my hair down in a wash-and-go), to complete my desired style. I am not picky about what brand of gel I use although I try to use gel that is not too heavy or thick to avoid dandruff.

To apply, I divide my hair into sections and spread the product from middle to ends, covering the roots last. When I am done applying gel throughout my hair, I let it dry differently depending on the style I want. If I want my curls to be wild and puffy, I let my hair air dry. If I want them more defined and less voluminous, then I make a bun and take it down when it is semi-dry.

That’s one way I style my hair, but then there are days when I omit the gel step all together. When I decide not to use gel, I throw my hair in a bun directly after applying my leave-in and only use gel to tame my stray baby hairs.

No matter how I complete my style, I always try to sleep with my hair in a bun to prevent my ends from falling and or being exposed to friction. I also try to trim the ends every 2-3 months to promote healthy growth.


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