My Top 5 Natural Hair YouTubers

Whenever I have a question about how well a new product works or how to best execute my style, chances are I’m headed to YouTube to hear what my favorite naturalistas have to say.

Even though they are so many amazing natural hair gurus available to choose from on YouTube, I always seem to find myself coming back to these five channels.

JourneyTo WaistLength


This channel was a lifesaver when I was going through my transition. Many of the channels I watched featured ladies who were already completely natural, but Shanique from JourneyTo WaistLength was different in that she gave me someone to transition with and learn from throughout the process. Her channel is still one of my favorites to visit and learn from about healthy hair habits.



youtuber 1

What isn’t there to say about my girl Whitney AKA Naptural85 – I consider her the guru of all gurus! I love how informative and creative her channel is. She always features detailed tutorials, DIY recipes, and healthy hair hacks that never fail to leave me more informed than when I began watching. Plus, I love her willingness to always try something new. Her channel is usually the first I go to whenever I am having hair troubles and looking for guidance.


Mo Knows Hair

youtuber 3

The name of Mo’s channel could not be any more appropriate. Sometimes I wonder, is there anything Mo doesn’t know? I love the simplicity and professional quality found in her videos. In five minutes, Mo can teach you the benefits of the products featured and in turn, how those products can be used to execute the best hairstyle. One cool thing about Mo is that in addition to herself, she reviews products on a variety of models with different hair types so every hair texture is showcased on her channel.


Mini Marley

youtuber 4.jpg

Mini Marley’s Breanna has such an infectious personality that listening to her videos makes learning a breeze. Not only is she constantly trying something new with her hair, but she always makes an effort to try out new techniques when styling her curls, allowing her to create the most effective and helpful tutorials for her viewers.



youtuber 5

Kelsey and Kendra were some of the first natural hair gurus I encountered on YouTube. One of my favorite things about their channel is that they constantly make videos of their updated routines. That way, they keep viewers up-to-date on their latest healthy hair practices. Also, they are a great place to check if you’re unsure about a certain hair product because chances are, they’ve already tried and reviewed it. Although I now watch them more for other things beauty, they still make a great hair resource for a naturalista in need.

Honorable Mentions

Here are some other great natural hair YouTube channels!

Viv HairTherapy


Jewellianna Palencia

Bri Hall

Do you use YouTube for natural hair advice? Who’s your go-to natural hair guru? Share down below!


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