My Lazy Day Hair Hack

Ever have those days when you just have no idea what to do with your hair?

I know I do…

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of my style not being fully dry and ready to take down, but other times, it’s just a matter of me not wanting to deal with the mess atop my head.

Whatever the case may be, I always find myself reaching in the drawer for a beautifully patterned head wrap to go about my day worry-free whenever I’m feeling defeated by my curls.

Head Wraps

Now I love me some head wraps because not only are they beautiful and chic, but they can be worn in so many different ways, just as Jessica models here.

She happens to style her head wraps in some of my favorite ways and if you’re a fan of her looks as well, you can watch her tutorial on how to achieve these looks here.


C/O Jessica Pettway

While there are many good stores and vendors out there to buy wraps from, all of mine have come from The Wrap Life.

They have so many styles of head wraps that you are bound to fall in love with one of them.

And I like the fact that they include pictures and other sources to help you get started on how to style your wrap if you have never worn one before.

I can honestly say that the quality of the wraps are amazing and have survived multiple washes, both beautifully and in-tact. Plus, my wraps never fail to earn me a compliment or two whenever I wear them.

But I wanna know – are you a fan of wearing head wraps? If so, share some of your favorite vendors down below!


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