Loc It In!

Faux Locs

Faux locs are without a doubt one of my favorite protective styles. Not only do I find them super convenient, but I adore how natural they look in comparison to other alternatives.

Just as their name suggests, Faux locs are a type of protective style that mimic the look of actual dreadlocks. They are achieved by winding extensions around sections of your own hair to create the appearance of locs. This can be done using human hair, synthetic Marley hair, or even yarn to create a variety of styles.

So if you want to join the loc nation, consider the following pros and cons before deciding if this protective style is the right one for you!


Low- Maintenance:

I love how easy to maintain faux locs are. Their durability allows for less tedious upkeep and overall maintenance. Unlike box braids and similar styles, one of the neat things about faux locs is that they actually tend to look better the older and frizzier they become due to the texture blending more naturally with the hair.


The great thing about the combination of a durable and low-maintenance style is that it makes for a long-lasting do. Expect your faux locs to take you easily into your third month of wear with minimal touch-up.

Variety of Styles:

Faux locs come in all lengths, sizes, colors, and textures. Some people choose synthetic hair for more natural looking locs, while others look to colorful yarn to make fun and exciting looks. Some like to go sassy with bob-length locs, while others opt to swing low at tailbone length. What I’m trying to say is that there is a faux loc look for everyone and I recommend checking out pinterest or Google to find your faux locspiration.



Naturalistas… Be prepared for a serious case of numb bum. Getting this look can take a good 7-8 hours to complete which means a lot of scrolling through social media and an extreme case of hangryness should you come unprepared.


Faux locs tend to fall on the heavier side of the spectrum since they require almost double the amount of hair that a style like box braids would. While this isn’t meant to scare you (because if they were unbearably heavy, then we probably wouldn’t wear them), it goes to say that if your curls are fine or on the weaker side, you probably want to forgo this style and avoid the stress it can put on unprepared tresses.


As you can imagine, the combined factors of a longer install and double the hair result in a more expensive protective style. Consider this when shopping around for a protective style as this might not be your most budget-friendly option.

Final Thoughts

I love me some faux locs, but just because I’m riding the loc bandwagon doesn’t mean you also have to!


C/O Dragon Den

Still Undecided? Check out my protective style look book to see a variety of styles ya girl’s already tried, and if you’re still asking yourself what in the world is so great about protective styling, ya girl’s got a spiel for that too.

But I gotta know naturalistas… are you digging the faux loc look and if so, what kind would you want to rock? Let me know down below!


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