Girls with Curls: Freddie

Every Curl has a story.

After sharing her natural hair journey with Black Curl Power, Freddie is back to discuss the challenge of caring for her daughter’s not so similar curls.

I am a naturalista momma with five naturalista daughters. I am in awe that all of us have unique, diverse coils to define our identity and style.

I can say overall, I am able to use most products on most of my girls. Amaia is my second oldest child. Her hair type is hard to categorize. She probably has a 2A curl type. She has a slight texture to her straight hair so I wouldn’t call it a Type 1.

I struggle to find the right products and hair regimen for her because her hair differs from the rest of our type 3 and 4 curls. I notice that when I put the products that we all use in her hair, it seems not to have the same benefits or yield the desired effects that we would experience.

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Our products weighed her fine hair down, did not control her frizziness in the summer, and did not provide the same healthy shine that it gave all the rest of our hair. I even noticed that the styling gel we utilized did not work the same in her hair. I had to buy some alcohol based $1.49 sports hold gel to keep her hair together in the summer!

It’s challenging to care for her hair. Most people tell me that they would love to have her hair texture, because visually it is similar to a Type 1 pattern and we have been conditioned to identify looser to no curl patterns as having “Good Hair”.

When caring for her hair, she is in limbo because a lot of the natural products available are for us consumers with more texture, while mainstream products are for those who have none. She is stuck in the middle. I will try to use and teach her to use a combination of both main and specialty products to provide the best hair care regimen she needs.


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