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You need to read this blog if…

1.  You’re a naturalista feeling defeated by your hair and seeking salvation

2.  You’re transitioning and/or newly natural and that new-growth’s giving you second thoughts

2.5.  You’re not sure what transitioning or being natural even means

3.  3b, 4c, LOC & LCO seem like jargon you never got the handbook for

4. You ran out screaming from the infamously overwhelming ethnic/natural hair care aisle

5.  You just had your first experience detangling (The tears are nothing to be ashamed of)

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my curls, but sometimes… these curls ain’t loyal. We’ve all had our fair share of natural hair stories that although we’ve learned to laugh about now, made us want to pull all our beautiful coily strands at the time of struggle & conquer. So let’s try to laugh more and cry less by getting the one-up on our natural hair knowledge. Here at Black Curl Power, find products, styles and tips to act as your handbook for how to nourish your curls, coils and kinks to health with ease.

Your fro shouldn’t cause woe. Be healthy, nappy and happy.


About Me: Black Girl. Junior in College. Milwaukee Native.

That covers the basics, right? No? Okay, fair enough. Well…

I had been relaxed since the age of four, so I never knew what my texture – my real hair – looked like. It was on May 30, 2014, otherwise known as the day of Senior prom, that I stopped living the lye. I knew from that day forward, I wanted to give up relaxers and be natural.

Since then, I have learned a lot about my hair and what she needs to be happy and healthy. Now I want to share what I know with the next naturalista and help her discover her black curl power.


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