SOLANGE As I work through finals weeks trying my hardest to remain sane, I couldn’t help but find myself playing tracks from Solange’s A Seat at The Table in the background as I studied. This album, released back in September of 2016, has just the right mix of soothing tempos, sensual grooves, and calming vocals … Continue reading Views: DON’T TOUCH MY HAIR


Pick your Protection

Recently, I did a post about why protective styles are life in which I gave a list of ten awesome benefits and bonuses these styles can bring to the table. One of the benefits I mention on my list is how protective styles can offer a variety of looks that all prove equally beautiful, but … Continue reading Pick your Protection

3 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself About Recommended Products

Let's be honest... Everybody loves a good recommendation, but just because a certain product works well for me doesn't mean it'll necessarily work well for you... No, that doesn't mean all recommendations are useless, but you might want to consider the following next time you hear one... What does my hair actually need? I realize … Continue reading 3 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself About Recommended Products